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Through outsourcing services, we manage business activities that do not form an integral part of the client's company, allowing you to advance your business and focus on the activities that provide more value for the company. We offer efficient and effective comprehensive solutions, working to achieve the objectives set by the outsourcing global business processes. We bring professionalism, the ability to solve problems and adapt, a wealth of experience and continual improvement.

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focused on customer service

  • Highly competitive due to a collective labour agreement.
  • Extensive knowledge on insurance matters.
  • Know-how for improving processes and cost reduction.
  • Flexible set-up and operational management.
  • Extensive experience managing large teams of people with different profiles.
  • Certified with ISO 9001:2008

policies and
management tools

We rely on working methods that guarantee the best results for our clients to carry out our work.

  • Lean Manufacturing (5S, TPM, Six Sigma, etc.).
  • Continual improvement.
  • Visual management.
  • VA/VE

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Generally, our way of working across all of our business activities is according to the following principles:

  • Identifying Needs and Expectations.
  • Designing the Outsourcing Process.
  • Providing Suitable Organisation.
  • Investing in Media.
  • Integrating the Necessary Team of Professionals.
  • Providing Experience and Professionalism.

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