mission and vision

Avantia Outsourcing is committed to offering comprehensive, flexible and competitive solutions to potential clients.

To reach our aims, Avantia provides services that meet the needs of our clients in different markets and sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Through our shared values and a policy of continual improvement, we aim to position ourselves as a leading company in terms of satisfying clients and other interested parties in any of the industries or markets in which we develop our business.

In particular, we aim to have a predominant position in the Outsourcing and Subcontracting sector not only in Asturias, but on a national level as well.

our values

  • Commitment to ethical practice
    and integrity.
  • Quality and focusing on the client.
  • Working as a team.
  • Respect and understanding the positions of the parties involved.
  • Flexibility, quick response time and a commitment to continual improvement.
  • Professional experience from all those involved in the business.

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