There are a number of companies that have their own infrastructure but rely on companies like ours for administration, developing promotional packs and managing their warehouses.

The benefits for the client when working with us are:

  • We adapt and are flexible with regard to how our clients manage different processes, working with them in a suitable way.
  • Increased operating profitability.
  • Removal of hidden operating costs.
  • Improved costs (price per package, weight, shipping, etc.).
  • Experience in managing complex processes.
  • Continual improvement processes and increased productivity.
  • Collective Labour Agreement.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
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This service consists of logistics management in the client's own facilities.

It includes the following activities:

  • Reception and unloading.
  • Quality control.
  • Stock management.
  • Preparing orders.
  • Loading and shipping.

We ensure the achievement of objectives in each step of the processes established. The customer benefits from better quality, a more consistent service, increased productivity and flexibility.

product manipulation

According to the aims of our business, the Avantia Product Manipulation Division identifies requirements and designs a customized service according to the specifications of each customer.

We offer our services to manipulate the final product/and or product being develop, wherever necessary:

  • In the client's facilities or
  • In our own facilities.

Our extensive experience in various sectors highlights the results to be obtained from managing the activity, providing a specialised professional team to develop it.

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