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what we offer

At Avantia, we specialise in offering comprehensive, flexible and competitive solutions for outsourcing and/or subcontracting industrial processes and support and management services.

Our broad experience has allowed us to develop services that are defined by the following features:

  • Leadership when commissioning outsourcing projects, both as a client and with clients.
  • Managing large teams of professionals.
  • Demanding a high level of commitment from ourselves.
  • A professional culture that focuses on methods to achieve Quality and Excellence.
  • We are self-assessors in the European Foundation for Quality Model EFQM.


why outsource

"Outsourcing is not simply the purchase of products or services from outside sources, but often also involves transferring responsibility for the physical business function and tacit and codified knowledge to another company (Gilley and Rasheed, 2000). Outsourcing can be done with all kinds of activities, whether strategic, marketing or research and development activities, or services such as accounting or maintenance."

With an global and comprehensive vision of all the business processes, which comes as the result of our own experience in other companies, we offer the best solutions for outsourcing each project. The services we offer go from handling simple processes, to more complex projects that include design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, customer delivery, etc.

Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to devote all their efforts to what they really know how to do (core business).

The advantages that we consider most relevant to our clients are:

  • To improve the focus of the company.
  • To focus on managing the core business of the company.
  • To improve the performance of the company.
  • To improve the quality of service.
  • Improved costs.

In short, Outsourcing makes companies more flexible and competitive.

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