support services

We take on any services in less critical areas for our customers.

Every organization has the need to effectively manage the areas that have been identified as less critical to the business, but still necessary. For this reason, Avantia offers a wide range of professional services that fully meet these requirements.

Avantia has several partnerships and agreements with solvent entities, from a professional point of view, and we can ensure the implementation of the services that cannot be fully covered directly.

While this division is constantly changing according to the evolution of our clients and their needs, as an example some of the most requested services are shown below.

support services

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Services.
  • Reception.
  • Digitalisation and Treatment of Documents.
  • Meter readings.
  • Other services.

management services

  • Administration.
  • Finance.

benefits for the client

  • Flexible solutions to meet client requirements.
  • Professionals specializing in each type of service.
  • Improved costs and service optimisation.
  • Collective Labour Agreement.
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